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Overnight Care

We provide a 'sleep in' overnight care service to our clients in their homes, allowing you to receive quality care throughout the night.

Whether you require carers throughout the night for regular checks on your wellbeing, assistance with mobilising or the reassurance of knowing someone is there to help - our carers are able to meet your personal care needs. 

Starting your overnight care package


Book a free care assessment 

To meet your specific personal care needs, we will schedule a date and time to carry out a full care assessment in your home


We will discuss with yourself and those who you wish to be involved in your care exactly what type of care and assistance you require 

Click the link below and fill in the form, making sure to include :

- Your contact details

- Who will be receiving care

- What current support they receive

- Your availability for the care assessment 


Personal package of care created

At Prosperity Healthcare, we recognise that each individual's care needs will be unique to them.

We will closely work with you and those who you wish to be involved in your care to develop a personal, individual care package to meet your specific care needs.

The care assessment which we carry out will be a detailed, specific approach to make sure that we get things right for you.


Reliable,  high quality care begins in the comfort of your home

Once a package of care has been created and designed for your specific care needs, we can commence our trustworthy services in your home.

Our carers are all fully trained and undergo regular training assessments to ensure that we provide the best possible care to all of our clients.

We use trusted digital systems to ensure that the care we provide runs smoothly 24/7.

The company founder who is a registered nurse with over 10+ years experience regularly checks in with all clients, and those involved within their care to see if there is any room for improvement and to continue providing high quality care. 

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